Literacy Landscape Addressed by Write on Sports

Both national and local assessments of middle school students’ writing ability suggest that many students are struggling to develop the kinds of skills they will need to succeed in high school and beyond. While there are many reasons for this, several key aspects have been highlighted by research – students’ lack of motivation, their loss of confidence and a limited amount of time during the school day devoted to writing instruction. Write on Sports directly addresses these three issues by giving students the opportunity to write about topics of their choosing and by providing targeted instruction in small group and individualized settings that helps students finish pieces they are proud of.

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Mission Statement

The middle school years are critical times for students, who must attain valuable skills to determine a future path of academic success and growth and to ensure success on the eighth grade standardized tests. By strengthening communication, perceptual and intellectual proficiencies, the Write on Sports program provides a set of skills that can be applied to academic areas beyond sports writing.