About WoS

WoS is a literacy/journalism program for at-risk middle school students that teaches youth how to write about sports as a way to inspire and help them to write.

During a two-week summer camp, guest sports journalists model and conduct interviews with specially-selected athletes. Students then become the journalists – they stand up, announce their name and affiliation and ask a question.

That exercise is repeated with guests at least three times during the camp and also when students interview each other as they develop articles and scripts for videos.

Students and teachers prepare for interviews by reviewing bios and player statistics, then developing a series of questions. Campers build on their research capabilities, their critical thinking and their self-confidence through the work.

WoS teachers and interns work closely with each student on blogs, feature stories and videos they produce on computers. A 4:1 or 5:1 student/teacher ratio provides individual attention so beneficial to youth … and so different from their classroom experiences.