WoS was founded in 2005 by Byron Yake, a former sports writer for the Associated Press in Pittsburgh and, later, Sports Editor and a senior executive at The AP in New York. Byron’s inspiration for WoS arose from his interest in sports, journalism and education and his desire to help students improve their writing skills.

In 2006, WoS partnered with Montclair State University’s Broadcast Department, The Yogi Berra Museum and Learning Center and the Montclair School System to launch the first WoS summer camp program.

In 2007, MSU’s College of Education and Human Services began hosting WoS in its University Hall facilities and WoS expanded its reach to include summer camp programs for Newark, Montclair and West Orange students. The results were clear that using sports as a theme to inspire middle school students to write was a sound, workable and replicable model. That year, Dr, Erik Jacobson, a professor in the College of Education, developed an in-depth curriculum and teacher training program and introduced a student evaluation program.

In 2008, WoS held a pilot after-school program in Paterson in addition to the summer camps in Newark, West Orange and Montclair.

In 2009, WoS started a Spring-semester after-school program at the Technology High School in Newark. Summer camps for Newark were held at the Dr. Marion A. Bolden Student Center of the Newark Public Schools and at Montclair State University’s ADP Learning Center for West Orange and Montclair, respectively.

In 2010 and 2011, WoS introduced an after-school program at West Orange’s Liberty Middle School and the Bolden Center in Newark and ADP Center at MSU again hosted summer camps for the Newark and West Orange students, respectively.

In 2012, WoS introduced a new summer camp in Hawthorne as an addition to the summer camps for Newark and West Orange students and an after-school program was introduced for students at the Boys & Girls Club of Newark.

In 2013, WoS made a milestone step with the creation of an Affiliate summer camp program in Goshen, IN, which was operated by Goshen College in conjunction with the Goshen Public School System.  This is in addition to the on-going summer camps for Newark, West Orange and Hawthorne students.

In 2014, WoS continued its expansion, creating new summer camps at Roselle Catholic High School in Roselle, New Jersey and at Central Falls High School in Central Falls, Rhode Island.

In 2015, WoS introduced its eighth summer camp in West Long Branch, New Jersey located at Monmouth University.  A total of more than 200 campers attended camps across WoS’ New Jersey, Indiana and Rhode Island programs.

In 2016, WoS maintained its eight camps, an after-school program in West Orange and initiated a new program – holding one day events on Saturdays for students of Write on Sports.

In 2017, two additional camps were started. Under the Rhode Island Write on Sports umbrella, one camp was held at Providence College and a second was started at nearby Bryant University. A new camp was started at Sacred Heart University in Bridgeport, Connecticut by the Cardinal Sheehan Center. Thus a total of 10 camps were held, again for more than 200 students. Camp locations: Two in Newark; Two at Montclair State University for the Oranges and Hawthorne/Clifton; Roselle Catholic High School; Monmouth University; Goshen College, IN; Providence College; Bryant University, and Bridgeport, CT.