WoS Teachers/Staff

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR: Byron Yake, former Sports Editor and senior executive at the Associated Press. Founded Write on Sports in 2005.

PROGRAM DIRECTOR: Dr. Erik Jacobson, Associate Professor, Early Childhood, Elementary, and Literacy Education at Montclair State University. Developed the WoS curriculum; oversees teacher training and programs. Lead teacher for two Newark camps. READ MORE

MARKETING DIRECTOR: Shannon Schmitt, formerly on Whoopi Goldberg’s production staff, oversees WoS social media, marketing, public relations and camp student recruiting.

DIRECTOR, SPECIAL PROJECTS: Michael Bass, former journalist with Associated Press. Director of editorial strategy at Aetna. Helps manage logistical and technical issues at WoS.

PHOTOS, GRAPHICS, MULTIMEDIA, WEBMASTER: Brian Horton, former Senior Sports Editor for photos and multimedia for the Associated Press.

ACCOUNTANT: Tanya Mitchell, CPA. Oversees WoS financial management, reporting and controls.

LEAD TEACHER: Andy Beutel, middle school teacher in the Mahwah, N.J. School District, is lead teacher for Oranges and Hawthorne/Clifton summer camps at Montclair State University. Along with Erik Jacobson, directs after-school programs and one-day events.

SUMMER CAMP TEACHERS: Nora Devine, Jennifer Blume, Arturo Rodriguez, Chris Drew, Kathy Jackson, Sabrina Galletto-Edmonds, Casey Callan, Sarah Wolpert, Camille Brown, Jose Figueroa.

AFTER SCHOOL TEACHERS: Jennifer Blume, Arturo Rodriguez

INTERNS: Jonathan Banks, Robert Banks, Sam Banks, Morgan Clark, Aki Jacobson, Elon Lakes, Jordan Lewis, Olu Olugundudu, Julian Stello, Gabby Varano,

BROADCAST TEACHER: Doug Doyle, news and sports director at WBGO-FM, Newark. Regular participant in broadcasting part of summer camps at MSU, Newark and Monmouth University.

GRANT WRITER: Janice Alderman, oversees WoS’ grant proposal writing

EVENT PLANNER: Allison Sargent of Allison Sargent Events, oversees WoS special events such as the annual Gala.