Tyler's Mom Testimonial

WoS definitely enhanced Tyler's interest in writing. Writing is not his favorite thing to do, but he loves sports. The program was a great way to get Tyler to enjoy writing about something he loves, without feeling like he was in school.

Tyler liked to work and interact with his classmates. Since he was knowledgeable in sports, it built up his confidence and was able to interact both individually and in a group setting. Again, based on the sole topic of sports, Tyler did a lot of research because it interested him. Again, he was doing something he loved without feeling like it was school work. Tyler loved putting the program all together leading up to his final article and video. He felt a great sense of accomplishment without feeling he was being graded on his outcome.

All and all, after two years in the program, Tyler was able to continue and build upon his writing, researching and presenting skills without even realizing he was doing so. I would recommend this program to all who had interest....