Is Kevin Durant a Traitor, Team Player or MVP?

Is Kevin Durant a traitor, a team player, or an MVP?  Many people have many different opinions about this huge topic, but is it possible that he can be all three? Looking at facts and opinions may help us understand the situation.

People who have followed Durant's career remember when he was crying after his team lost to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA conference finals in 2016.  Durant and his whole family were very upset that year in the playoffs when his team the Oklahoma City Thunder were defeated after being up 3-1. His response was not surprising - imagine yourself being so close to a prize and you just lose. When Durant got drafted to the Oklahoma City Thunder (the Seattle Super Sonics at the time) he tweeted "I wanna play with Oklahoma City for my whole career." That changed after his upsetting loss to Golden State. Durant stabbed his team in the back when he left his team to go to the team that he lost to. That’s why many people thinks he’s a traitor.

Fans or haters can call Kevin Durant a traitor all they want, but he is doing way better on the Warriors.  Durant is also a team player. On July 4th, 2016 Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors.  Nobody has a full answer to why Durant went to the Warriors.  Durant tweeted, "Golden State is just where I wanted to play basketball." Many may think that this wasn't the best decision, but you have to look at the facts. When Durant was on Oklahoma he was getting paid less than what he’s getting paid now, even after taking a recent pay cut. Durant was the only one on the Golden State Warriors that got a pay cut while the other players gained money.  Durant took a pay cut to make his teammates stay. Durant also has great friendships with his teammates and an example would be Stephen Curry. Curry and Durant have known each other since 2009. In game three of the 2017 NBA Finals, Curry stated that he "likes being around Durant" and also how Durant is a great person with a great sense of humor. Durant gets along with all of his teammates and has never had a problem, and that makes him a team player

Another name to describe Durant is an MVP. If anybody were to compare all of Durant's stats on the Oklahoma City Thunder they were better than they were when he went to the Warriors in 2016.  In Oklahoma Durant had more playing time, points, assists, rebounds and other things.  None of that mattered to Durant because he wanted to win and become a champion.  During the NBA Finals the Warriors took home the gold 4-1 versus the Cleveland Cavaliers. The leading scorer was Kevin Durant with 176 points in the whole NBA Finals. Even though Durant's stats were better on Oklahoma in the regular season than when he was on the Warriors, Durant really stepped up his game when it came to the NBA playoffs.  He really wanted to win this championship and he showed it.  Durant won the NBA Finals Most Valuable Player award as well.  His stats were really good and that's why he was classified as the Most Valuable player in the NBA Finals.

Kevin Durant can really be all three - a traitor, a team player and a MVP. It’s very suspicious that he left a team that Durant claimed that he would like to play for his whole career. However, when a better team beats you, you join them.  Now look at Durant; he's winning and getting paid more on a better team in the Warriors.  Durant also has great friendships with his teammates on the Warriors. Durant is also doing great in scoring, rebounding, and assists as he proved in the NBA finals by winning the Most Valuable Player award.  Kevin Durant can really be described as all three.  Kevin Durant is a Traitor, Team Player, and a MVP.